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The Anger Management or Aggression Management  Therapy at our Clinic Works and Ensures the most Profound and Lasting Symptom Relief.


Set up an evaluation meeting to determine if a few Anger Management sessions with us can be a helpful relief for you


A few reasons why a person gets angry, enraged , fights ,or has difficulties to control impulses


  • Many people respond with impulsiveness and high emotional activation to their environment when they find themselves stuck or out of balance, feel misunderstood, trapped, and at the edge of what they are able tolerate.
  • Anger, rage, fighting is usually a symptom of a much more complex issue. Finding the cause ,and then applying the appropriate therapeutic tools is the way to prevent destructive behaviors from reoccurring and manifesting.
  • Some people carry unresolved issues from painful or otherwise difficult experiences with them, and easily get upset when new stressful situations arise..
  • Anger and rage can also be associated with drug or alcohol use, especially immediately after the euphoric effects from the substance are gone, or when a form of dependency exists and the body craves the drug which is not immediately available.
  • In some cases certain undiagnosed psychiatric conditions can make a person appear to be aggressive.
  • Again, as in the other aspects of our work, we tailor the intervention techniques based on a thorough assessment to the particular individual in front of us.

Anderson & Hager Connections Inc. is Colorado State licensed (#1613-01) private behavioral health clinic.

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