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Now and then every relationship needs a little boost, too many of life’s routines get in the way, job and money problems, extended family, ex partners.You want the spark and the romance back somehow. And you know what, you deserve it, and so does your partner

Actually it is quite a bit of work to reach the harmony and intimacy that makes us feel safe and at home with one another. Here and there we have to iron out little kinks. We need to take a look at the package each  of us brings into our relationship and decide what to toss and what to keep so we can make it together.

Couples counseling is an exciting opportunity  for you and your partner to grow and discover each other together for a deeper understanding, greater respect, forgiveness, passion, and parenting


  • Listen to EACH OTHER and validate  the partners view points , even if you disagree
  • Be accountable for your own actions, and take personal responsibility when you are wrong
  • Honor and celebrate your differences and discover the strengths and energy your differences create
  • Problem solve effectively
  • Create more intimacy by considering each other’s needs
  • Restore trust and respect for one another
  • Bring the romance back into your relationship

If you are curious and want to invest in your relationship

have questions how healthy your relationship still is

or if you need help and coaching because a relationship is ending 

make a call and  schedule a time to sit down with one of us.


Anderson & Hager Connections Inc. is Colorado State licensed (#1613-01) private behavioral health clinic.

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