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Mental Health Evaluations
Drug and Alcohol Evaluations

  • We offer  thorough, insightful, and professional evaluations by licensed experts.
  • Professional high quality assessments and comprehensive writing.
  • Our evaluations usually draw positive feedback from courts and attorneysabout the quality of the presented work.
  • It can be recommended by an ATTORNEY as support to you in a court case, often lawyers suggest this in child custody cases also
  • A JUDGE, or PROBATION OFFICER might request this to determine which treatment as corrective sentencing alternative is appropriate for you

What happens during such an evaluation?

  • The evaluation is like a conversation style interview with you
  • You will be asked to fill out some standardized test forms, but we will explain reason and outcomes with you in detail.
  • You will be asked a number of questions , about your personal history, family history, and current life circumstances.
  • You will be asked if you experience certain symptoms, and if so in what way.
  • During and after the interview we will explain  as much as possible  what we believe is going on , you may ask as many questions as you like
  • We will discuss with you and let you know what we will write to complete your evaluation, so this will not cause you insecurities or surprises.
  • If we have a concern, we will give you resources and suggestions to get  help or more information
  • Normally the wait time is not longer than a few days .
  • The complete written evaluation is usually ready within one week

How soon can I get evaluated and when do I get the written document?

  • Your appointment is usually within  a week of scheduling
  • You should have your written document no later than a few days after your appointment




Anderson & Hager Connections Inc. is Colorado State licensed (#1613-01) private behavioral health clinic.

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