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Have you thought about that some support could help you move on and to better things? But you are worried about the costs?
The Answer Is Group Therapy
For only one third of the cost for individual counseling you can get the help you need, make new friends, share your burden and your new accomplishments.
It is a great relief to know that
Call us to find out if there is a group at our clinic
waiting for you to join


  • you will find a range of group therapy options that Anderson&Hager is offering as way  for you to learn:  ‘I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS’
  • you will receive effective  coaching, support, and therapy intervention at a fourth of what individual therapy costs.(your insurance might even pick up the cost).
  • you will meet people like yourself, and often precious friendships evolve in the group therapy sessions, which  cary on and deepen way past the sessions.
  • you will experience empowerment, positive changes, and relief from troubling thoughts, unhealthy behaviors, unsatisfying relationships, destructive patterns that somehow crept into your life
  • Group  Therapy is an adventure, it is sharing of joy, wonder, success, and tears at times, it is giving, receiving, taking, offering- in short the ultimate personal and interpersonal experience


People who have spent time with the therapists at Anderson&Hager in Groups before will  attest to  how much lasting diffrence this really made in their lives

Here is an example of some of the ongoing therapy groups at our clinic:

  • Women Sharing Strengths Thursdays at 11 am . Ongoing therapeutic support group for women.
  • Substance Use Recovery and Relapse Prevention Groups . At  different times throughout the week – ongoing or in twelve week segments.
  • ITTS GROUPS – Integrated Treatment of Trauma and Substance Use Eighteen week group, no open enrollment, six participants per group only, ongoing self directed after-care with therapist consultations. Substance Use is in so many cases a response to a traumatic life event or ongoing traumatic experiences.
  • SAVING AND NURTURING RELATIONSHIPS  A  six session group for  couples who want to improve their relationship. Group will be  meeting every other week, for six weeks.
  • MINDFULLNESS BASED STRESS REDUCTION An eight session group for up to eight participants. Mindfulness based stress reduction practice teaches a very simple series of techniques that have shown to be effective in helping people improve their feelings of wellbeing. It is also a remedy to reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelming thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness practice is wide spread now because it is easy to learn ,can be called up anywhere, and it works. If you use mindfulness to better get through your day and the normal demands of life, or if you learn the skills to conquer a more serious life event, the mindfulness exercises soon become a way of daily routine, become a skill and resource and are the key to a balanced healthy coping

Anderson & Hager Connections Inc. is Colorado State licensed (#1613-01) private behavioral health clinic.

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