Effective services for youth and adults—where you get the attention you need and the support you deserve.


  • Colorado Divorce and Parenting (“Parental Education”) Classes  as required in Divorce proceedings
  • Classes ordered by Courts or  Human Services in cases of child abuse , child endangerment, neglect
  • Specialized parenting classes for parents recovering from  substance use


  • The latest research in child development translated for the young parent to understand (a three session class)
  • Alcohol / drugs and teen parenting (an eight session class)
  • Coping with the psychological impact of early parenting (a four session course)
  • “Baby Mama/ Baby Daddy” how parents who are no longer a couple communicate wisely over the next 18 years (a five session course)
  • Trauma informed psycho therapeutic support for young parents who experienced violence, sexual abuse, and other traumatic events ( six to twelve visits per need and necessity)


  • group sessions are $30 per participant
  • individual parenting sessions are $65.
  • couples parenting sessions are $95.

Children attend at no extra charge

We accept vouchers from schools and human services organizations

We accept all other third part payments

Reduced fees for eligible participants


Our parenting therapist is a MAPP certified trainer and practitioner.

Anderson & Hager Connections Inc. is Colorado State licensed (#1613-01) private behavioral health clinic.

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