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What Can Cause Trauma

  • hurt to a person through violent acts like beatings, rape, molestation or other sexual violations
  • accidents of any kind
  • war experiences
  • incarceration
  • perpetrating violence
  • gang activities
  • terror attacks
  • crimes like getting robbed, shot at, held at gun point, stabbed, attacked
  • sudden unprepared medical procedures
  • serious illness
  • sudden death of someone close, or several losses in a row
  • witnessing a violent death
  • parent/child separations
  • natural disaster
  • a “bad trip” from street drugs
  • poverty
  • growing up in difficult circumstances
  • early childhood neglect
  • job loss

If you wonder…

Why things suddenly seem to get off track after they had gone well for a while?
Why relapse into drugs or drinking again?
Why does one just not seem to” get it together”?
Why do relationships never seem to work out?
Why are always “on the edge”?
Why these sudden outbursts of rage?

…you might suffer from effects of trauma…

Common symptoms of trauma related stress can show up as

  • failing in school/difficulties maintaining a job
  • sleep disturbance
  • physical pain
  • frequent illnesses
  • a weakened immune system
  • drinking too much,  using street drugs, or too many prescription meds
  • uncontrolled anger
  • rage
  • mood swings
  • depression
  • thoughts of ending your life
  • panic attacks
  • uncontrolled outbursts of feelings
  • difficulties finding and maintaining meaningful relationship
  • eating disorders, obsessive compulsive behavior
  • restlessness, inability to concentrate

To help restore the normal experiencing  of life again is the ultimate goal of trauma therapy

and we gently guide you to the light at the end of this tunnel

There is hope and help

You do not have to remain a victim of trauma,

you can become a  trauma survivor

Anderson & Hager Connections Inc. is Colorado State licensed (#1613-01) private behavioral health clinic.

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